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Caribbean Island Vacations

Martinique Barbados St. Lucia Caribbean Sea Trinidad Tobago

There's nothing like traveling somewhere warm, when it is cold at home. There is nothing like taking a trip to paradise. Some of the closest places to perfect paradise are in the Eastern Caribbean Sea. Yes, you could fly, but why not try taking a trip to an island while enjoying the scenery around you while being on vacation on the way? Relax or party on a Caribbean Cruise that is within your price range. What else can you ask for?

If I were to live on any island, it would be Martinique. A French Department in the Eastern Caribbean sea, with Fort-de-France as its capital, Martinique is a paradise. This island's average temperature is about 80 degrees, with a 5 degree temperature difference between winter temps and summer temps. There are plenty of beaches here and a diverse culture. The native language of the island is a mixture of French with a Creole dialect. If you like rum, Welcome to the Rum Capital. For more info about Martinique click here.

Because of it's beautiful beaches and warm clear water, St. Lucia is the perfect place for snorkeling and scuba diving. There are exotic sea plants and animals for you to discover and see close up. Take private and/or group lessons and have a blast. Find out more about Scubadiving in St. Lucia.

If you visit the magnificent island of Barbados, make sure you take a trip to the Oughterson Zoo in Barbados. Itís a Wildlife Reserve where the animals, except the poisonous ones, are supposedly uncaged and are free to roam in this reservation. If you love reptiles, birds, monkeys, etc. you'd love to visit.

Want to go away for Mardi Gras? Would you like to experience a more authentic island style celebration that lasts more than one day. Travel to Trinidad or Tobabgo for Carnival season. Carnival season kicks off with Pre-Carnival celebrations and two official days of Carnival (Monday & Tuesday). This year, Carnival was Monday, February 23rd & Tuesday February 24th. It's never too late. Plan for next year. For more info about Carnival and other events in Trinidad and/or Tobago click here. Carnival & more events

Before you leave the Caribbean, why not visit Jamaica (NOT SHOWN ON MAP)? Travel to Jamaica during the summer and you'll get a chance to attend the popular music festival in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Reggae, Rock, Hip-Hop, R&B, and Roots artists come to perform. The Montego Bay Reggae Sumfest this year is July 19-25, 2009.