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Augmentative and Alternative Communication, or AAC, is any non verbal form of communication.  We all use AAC to supplement our verbal communication through our eye movements and facial gestures.  However some people need some extra assistance, this is where AAC devices come into play. 


What is an AAC device? 

These devices assist (augment) or provide a replacement (an alternative) to verbal communication. 


What types of AAC devices are available?

There are a multitude of AAC devices available ranging from simple home made communications boards to extremely complex computer based devices.  This site will introduce you to some of the low-tech, low cost AACs available, such as communication boards and recorded speech devices.


What is a communication board?

A communication board allows a disabled person to communicate through pictures.  Just click on the above box labeled “Communication Boards” and we will provide you with instructions to make your own board!  Through this page you can also meet Emma, a young girl who uses a communication board.


Which AAC should I choose?

Great question!  Just click on the button labeled “Augmentative Alternative Communication Devices”.  This page guides you through some of the issues you will need to address when deciding upon the right device for you or your child.  It will also list some of the important features users look for.


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