One of the richest aspects of Haitian culture, are the diverse expressions of art. Haitian artists like those around the world, show the beauty they see all around to the world. Haitian art in all forms is often political, reflecting the pulse of the country. These are just a few of my favorite Haitian artists, there are many more and their work can be found online, in stores and in homes.

This is an example of a new trend in Haitian music, called Twoubado. It's taking songs that already exsist, and reworking them using simple instruments, such as drums and acoustic guitars; so it's almost like "Unplugged" popular music. This is also a sample of Sweet Mickey, a musician known for his racey lyrics and preformances.

This is one of my favorite authors,Edwidge Danticat . She has been featured in Oprah's book club, and has written many interesting and moving novels and short stories. These are a few links to other Haitian authors.
Maude Heurteloe
Jean-Robert Cadet
This is a great place to find lesser known authors and books. Haitian Book Center

These are two of many sites, where you can find Haitian art.
Haitian Art gallery
Haitian Art.com
This is one of many books, that showcase the beauty of Haiti and its people, through pictures. Paroles Et Lumieres
This book is about Haitian artisit Haitian Art in the Diaspora