These are some of the sites, I like to go to, when looking for information about Haiti. Weather it's news, music or other cultural information, these site are just a few of the many, that are trying to give a different veiw of Haitian life.

Haiti-Info A good source of news articles about Haiti, but like most news from Haiti these days, it can be a bit of a downer; it also has links to other government type sites. There's a lot of French on the site, but if you look around you'll find the English sources and links.

Discover Haiti This site has a variety of resources and information, the news from Haiti is updated pretty frequently and there’s information about the culture and other aspects of life you don’t get to see on CNN.

Haiti en Marche A good source of information on serious topics, but its main downfall, and point of interest: it’s in French, so this may not be the site for everyone.

Sakap Fet Arguably one of the best, this site stays true to its tag line, “your cyber-highway to Haiti.” It has news in French, as well as in English, and it keeps you connected to the happenings in the country, as well as the festivals and other points of entertainment.

Haiti Surf A great place to get facts, historical information and dates, there are also forums for discussion.

Fouyé Sort of a Haitian search engine, it even looks like an older version of Yahoo.

C.H.A.I. This is a Charity based in Illinois, and very close to my heart as my family is very involved and one of my uncles is a founding member.