Small Groups at Standing Stones


Small Group Ministry Staff
Robert Powers Pastor
Jamie Deuser Director of Adult Education
Leanne Crabbe Director of Training and
Curriculum Development









  Standing Stones has many small groups meeting throughout the   
  south side of Chicago. The following are just a few of the small
  groups that are going on now! If you are interested in joining,
  hosting, or facilitating a small group, fill out the form on the following

         Small Groups Form     


     Sunday Morning, 9:30 am

"The Book of Matthew"    Facilitated by: James Schwab
                                    Standing Stones Worship Center South


"The Book of Galatians"   Facilitated by: Dan & Bernie Wolinski
                                    Couples Only!
                                    Standing Stones room 101


"The Book of Judges"      Facilitated by: Pastor John Musser
                                    Standing Stones room 104


"Dispensationalism"          Facilitated by: Julius Fassl
                                    Standing Stones Worship Center North


"Hot Topics & Critical Spiritual Issues"
Facilitated by: Don Ghilardi
                                    Standing Stones Gym


Spanish: "Genesis"           Facilitated by Conrad Del Bosque, Sr
                                    Standing Stones Church Library


     Sunday Afternoon, 4:30 pm

"Spiritual Warfare"          Facilitated by Zelda Masterson
                                    "Naomi Ladies" Class
                                    Standing Stones Room 103

How do I detect the deceiver? Face Temptation? Learn the serpents strategy? Use the Armor of God? What is the stronghold? Learn to fight this war within! Stand firm! Defeat the destroyer! Survive Victoriously Satan's attacks!


     Tuesday Evenings, 7 pm

"Walk Through the Old Testament"
Facilitated by: Pastor Bob Powers
                                   at Powers Home: 5422 W. 131st Street
                                   Crestwood (708)597-5180


     Wednesday Evenings, 7 pm

"All the Teachings of Jesus"
Facilitated by: Pastors Bob & Mike
                                   Standing Stones Worship Center

The Gospels were written to awaken and strengthen faith in Christ and to answer objections and misconceptions about Him. They were also designed to guide believers into a fuller understanding of His person and power. As Christianity spread beyond Palestine, the oral testimony of the apostles was no longer adequate. Their message was multiplied and preserved through the medium of the written word.

But what Jesus actually taught about certain topics is the purpose of this study. What did Jesus teach about Himself, God the Holy Spirit, sin, angels and many other issues? These could be called the "red Letter" lessons from the Bible.


"Now That's a Good Question"
Facilitated by: Jamie Deuser
                                    Mrs. Deuser's Home: 4920 Timber Ct.
                                    Oak Forest,   7:30 pm

Have your questions pertaining to the Bible or Christianity etc answered!


     Thursday Evenings, 7 pm

"Daniel"                           Facilitated by: Pastor Bob Powers
                                   at Powers Home: 5422 W. 131st Street
                                   Crestwood, (708)597-5180
                                   MEN Only!

Daniel, sometimes referred to as the "Apocalypse of the Old Testament," presents a majestic sweep of prophetic history. The Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, and Romans will come and go, but God will establish His people forever. Nowhere is this theme more apparent than in the life of Daniel, a young God-fearing Jew transplanted from his homeland and raised in Babylonia. His adventures -- and those of his friends -- in the palace, the fiery furnace, and the lion's den show that even during the Exile, God has not forgotten His chosen nation. And through Daniel, God provides dreams -- and interpretations of dreams -- designed to convince Jew and Gentile alike that wisdom and power belong to Him alone!


     Friday Evenings, 7 pm

"Walk Through the Old Testament"
 Facilitated by: Tim Ireland
                                   Ireland's Home: 19380 S. Wolf Rd, apt 12