Name: Sunpech Suwatanapongched
Location: Chicago, IL

Useful Links

  Welcome to my page at Depaul University. I am a graduate student at Depaul CTI doing my Masters of Science in Information Systems with competencies in:

  I did my Bachelors of Arts in Computer Science at Boston University in 2001. I have a webpage there too.

  You can find out more about me on my blog on

Classes I've taken

  My advisor is Dr. Susy Chan.

Quarter Class Class Name Instructor Phase
2002-2003 Autumn CSC 224 Java for Programmers Blackburn, Timothy Prereq
2002-2003 Autumn CSC 323 Data Analysis / Stat Software I Medina, Benjamin V. Prereq
2002-2003 Winter IS 404 Business Information Systems Muscarello, Thomas J Prereq
2003-2004 Spring IS 421 Information Systems Analysis Lee, David Prereq
2004-2005 Winter ECT 425 Technical Fundamentals of Distributed Information Systems Yan, Yonghe Foundation
2004-2005 Winter IS 425 Enterprise Information Chan, Susy S Foundation
2004-2005 Spring CSC 451 Database Design Winograd, Yoseph Foundation
2004-2005 Spring SE 430 Object Oriented Modeling Streeter, Harold Foundation
2004-2005 Summer IS 556 Enterprise Project Management Muscarello, Thomas J Advanced
2004-2005 Autumn IS 540 Global Information Technology Mittleman, Daniel Advanced
2004-2005 Autumn IS 560 Enterprise Systems Starinsky, Robert Advanced
2005-2006 Winter IS 577 Information Systems Capstone Chan, Susy S Capstone
2005-2006 Winter IS 511 Social Issues of Computing Fisher, John F Advanced
2005-2006 Winter ECT 481 Internet Supply Chain Management Confer, Ellis E Advanced
2005-2006 Spring IS 512 Groupware and Virtual Collaboration Mittleman, Daniel Advanced
2005-2006 Spring IS 570 Enterprise System Implementation Ranshaw, Jane Advanced