Vitamin C & Disease Prevention


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Vitamin C's Function

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Vit C & Disease Prevention

If the immune system is strong, it will prevent diseases and health inflictions. It was previously shown, that the body requires vitamin C to function properly. If a correct dosage is not consumed, an individual has a high chance of contracting a variety of diseases because the body is too depleted to fight off the toxins. In contrast, those who consumelarge doses of vitamin C are less likely to contract diseases/illness such as:

    periodontal disease
    bone disorders
    the common cold
First, periodontal disease has been linked to low intakes of vitamin C. When there are low levels of vitamin C in the body, the resistance to infectious bacteria is decreased. Periodontal disease inflames the gums and causes them to bleed. Studies show that a dosage of 500mg (more than three times than the RDA) will cause periodontal disease to improve.

Secondly, bone disorders also have a direct connection with vitamin C. Vitamin C effects the bodyıs collagen which vicariously influences the bone structure. In addition to this information, vitamin C can actually take part in stopping osteoporosis (boneloss). There are a variety of factors which influence osteoporosis, but studies prove that vitamin C maintainshealthy bones.In fact, a diet with a high level of vitamin C can notonly prevent bone loss,but can even impact the growth of bone cells!

Finally, people, who have the cold/flu, usually have a low level of vitamin C in their white blood cells. Healthy white blood cells are necessary for the bodyıs immune system to destroy toxins. Supplemental vitamin C is thought to boost the immune system;thus, boostingthe bodyıs natural defense mechanisms which aid in fighting the flu.