Who Needs Vitamin C?


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Vit C & Disease Prevention

Everyone who lacks a regular vitamin C intake risks catching illnesses; however, there are groups of people who are even more likely to get sick. These people,who aremost susceptible to contracting disease from lack of vitamin C, fit intothree categories.

Specifically, smokers are at high risk of a vitamin C deficiency. When the National Research Council set the RDA for vitamin C, they did not consider that the body metabolizes vitamin C at a faster rate in smokers and second hand smokers. The set RDA for vitamin C is 60mg, and one cigarette depletes the body of a whopping 25mg.

Moreover, alcohol consumers are also in danger of a low level of vitamin C. A large intake of alcohol can dilute the ascorbic acid in the blood, and increases urinary excretion of vitamin C. Therefore, those who drink alcohol, on a more than regular basis, can have a poor diet. When the alcohol is factored in, the body is lacking an adequate level of vitamin C. One study suggests that doses of vitamin C at 500 to 1,000 mg per day can aid in the treatment of alcoholism

Those, who have stress filled lives, especially need a higher level of vitamin C intake. When a person is under stress, the adrenal glands are depleted of vitamin C. At this occurrence, the blood reaches a high oxidation level which makes the adrenal glands unable to fight off toxins; therefore, to protect the body, one must consume a higher level of vitamin C. Studies have shows that when animals (who are able to produce their own vitamin C) are in stressful conditions their bodies produce a higher level of vitamin C to cope with stress. Humans cannot produce their own vitamin C; however, they can consume it in a variety of ways.